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This is Sassy, she is 12 years young. Greatest and smartest dog I've ever owned and as loyal as they come. German Shephard/American Staffordshire mix. Submitted by Joel P.


Hi I'm Alex, the Advocate dog! Check out all my friends in PawPrints!


Usher with some of his favorite Advocate/PetTest gear! Submitted by Beth G.


Kinnie! Best 'lil dog ever! Submitted by Trish S.


Tucker sporting a new haircut! Submitted by Wendy Q.


Hello! We are huge advocates of the PetTest Meter and recommend your product to all our fans on Facebook because we love it and use it ourselves. I have used it on 2 diabetic dogs ever since one was gifted to me by a member of CDIS group on FB. I love it❣️ See more by scrolling through my diabetic service dog's website.You guys are helping me extend the live of my dog every day by arming me with the information on his blood glucose numbers during the day that help me keep him safe 🐾❤️


Butch... diagnosed 10/27/2017. Submitted by Debbie M.


Hello, my name is Jeff C. and here is a picture of my pretty girl, Lovey! She is a sweetie! We just found out she has diabetes ☹ Thank you


Molly! Submitted by Gordon B.

Little Rascal

My name is Little Rascal and I'm 9 years old. I am my Mom's little Prince Charming! Submitted by Tiffany S.


Max, my sugarbaby! Submitted by Teresa O.


This is my Angie, she is an energetic little girl. Very important that I keep up with her monitoring to keep her healthy. Submitted by Brenda S.


Mabel, diagnosed in May 2017. Submitted by Joseph K.


Fudge my 10 year old maltipoo! Blind from diabetes but it doesn't slow him down! Submitted by Michele B.


This is my sugar baby Lucy-Giselle. She is 8 years old. She has been diabetic since September 2011, but it doesn't slow her down one bit. She is still spoiled and very playful, and I look forward to many more years with her. Submitted by Brittany-Yvette A.


Our rescue, Jumper. Diabetic since December 2016. Submitted by Jess W.


My Dakota! Submitted by Mary K.


This is Wrigley, my 10 y/o LhasaPoo! Submitted by Sara A.

My Sweetest Little Rescue Girl! Submitted by Linda D.


My sugar baby Harley. He is 6 yrs old. Diabetic for 1 yr. Submitted by June W.


Cassie, age 11, diabetic and blind but just as sweet as ever! Submitted by Liz M.


Nea, our 9 year old diabetic Neapolitan Mastiff/Rottie mix. Submitted by Michelle H.


Meeka – my 9 year old Chinese Crested. Diabetic since February and she has been a rock start when it comes to needles and testing. She never squirms or complains at all. She is my baby, and I adore her! Submitted by Sue K.


My 8 year old Beagle, Sophia! Submitted by Cindy T.


My sugar baby, Daisy! Submitted by Alice P.


This is my 8 year old Boomer! Submitted by Deann K.


This is my sugar baby. She is an 8 year old Jack-Chi. Her name is Dia. She has been diabetic for 2 months. Submitted by Kimberly A.


My "Callie" is 15 years old. I adopted her from the local humane society when she was 6 weeks old. My sweet girl. Submitted by Rose B.


This is my Bandit boy. Not only is he diabetic, he is also blind! Submitted by Karen K.


Our boy's name is Happy! He is a 10 year old Multipoo. Submitted by Norm W.


Abby - our rescue from BGWC Humane Society. Diabetic since Jan 2016. 5 yo Chi mix. We love our PetTest! Submitted by owner Lori M. Bowling Green, KY.


This is Romeo. We adopted him when he was 9 from a shelter. We took him because he had diabetes. We already had a sugar baby at home and experience with the care necessary. Romeo is a little thief because he stole our hearts. He's been with us over 4 years! Submitted by Lisa and Derrick F.


Our little sugar baby Rosie from NZ! Submitted by Thelma and Jim M.


This is Daisy - she was diagnosed with diabetes last month. I have been going through lots of tests and it has not been easy, Daisy is the love of my life and I will do anything for her! Submitted by Nancy W.


Hi, I'm Indie. My mom rescued me after I was found in a drug raid. Since then my mommy says I still play like a puppy with the energy to match. Over the last few days I've been admitted to the Emergency Room twice so I'm really tired and I don't feel like playing. We just found out I'm diabetic and it's gotten kinda scary. My sister Ava is following me everywhere now, I think she missed me while I was gone. I can't wait to get back to my old self. Submitted by Jamie C.


This is Midnight. He has just been diagnosed as diabetic. We are learning to make adjustments to help him manage his diabetes. Home monitoring is his next step. Submitted by Theresa W.


Her name is Gigi Monet, a Toy Poodle. She is 12 years old, found out she is diabetic in November 2016 and getting used to the routine but doing very good. She is a diva and a champion. Love her with a passion! Submitted by Vivian L.

This is my baby, Merkle. He is 10 years old and he has had diabetes for over 3 years now... here he is contemplating his next chess move! Submitted by Carolina M.

This is Zoey... She is a struggling diabetic who now is blind due to this disease. Thanks for the awareness. Submitted by Susan H.

This is Bella or "Belly," who is our 7 year old Miniature Pinscher fur baby. We found out that she was diabetic around January 2016. It did not come as a surprise as she had previous health issues, but we work every day to get her back to a healthy track, and look forward to having a reliable glucose meter to make sure her diet is working out. Thanks! Submitted by Lara M.

Zen and his favorite parsley plant. Submitted by Robin M.

This is Giorgio, and he helps to get out the word about the importance of Diabetes Education and Regular Daily Testing as well as the importance of proper eating and exercise. Submitted by Robert C.

Brandie relaxing in her chair! Submitted by George P.

This is Spring she is our beautiful 6 yr old Weimaraner mix and was diagnosed in May 2016 with diabetes. We love our fur baby and home testing will make all the difference in her care. Submitted by Tracy.

This is Karma, she is 7. Shirley H.

My foster dog Lucy. Her owners didn't tell anyone she had diabetes. We almost lost her. Submitted by Harry B.

This is my baby, Ziggy. He’s a 12 ½ year old Heinz 57. He was diagnosed with Diabetes last July, in December was diagnosed with Cushing’s, and now he is also blind. But we’re not giving up! We’ll get him regulated one of these days! Submitted by Alison C.

This is Ruby, who's had a rough time in the past few weeks, after a diabetic coma. He wasn't expected to make it through the night. But he did. Regulating his blood sugar hasn't been as smooth as we hoped. It's still high the Vet said. Submitted by Patricia P.

This is Priscilla "Prissy" she is my best friend. She will be 9 years old this November. We found out on Jan. 5th that she was diabetic. Since then it's been a up and down battle to keep her as regulated as possible. In April she got bloat and had surgery to save her life. We are doing much better now but still have our days. My world would not be complete with out her! Submitted by Whitney R.

Get a load of this cutie! Submitted by Cindy C.

Sweet Shasta basking in the sunset! Submitted by Arlene S.

Our 10 year old cat, Max, was just diagnosed with diabetes. I want to give him the best help I can. He is like my child. I am in the process of trying to learn what to feed him and the cheapest way to give him the best life I can. Thank you for your assistance. Max is the black and white cat in the picture. Submitted by Tracey L.

Jo Jo right after cataract surgery. Diabetic since 4-2015. She loves people and Love. Submitted Jodie S.

Boomer! Submitted by Judy B.

Ike is a 9 y/o Bichon that came to us from a friend that passed away in a tragic accident. He was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago. We want to stabilize his diabetes by home testing with this kit. Here he is with his angel mom, Pam. Submitted by Yvette R.

The CharlieBear is ready! Submitted by AnnMarie P.

The ever happy Ollie. Diabetic 2 1/2 years. Submitted by Mary C.

Bella a 9 year old black lab that enjoys going for rides in the cars. Submitted by Cheryl P.

Fred getting ready for bed. Submitted by JaLinda M.

Sir William Hunter – Our 9 year old Westie having fun at Christmas time. Submitted by Sue H.

This is our baby Cocoa. Her favorite toy is her bowling ball. Submitted by Shirley P.

Tess, the life of the party! Submitted by Jeri M.

Luna, Fifi, and Coco. Submitted by Melanie L.

Max & I! Submitted by Maria Victoria L.

Bill LOVES to cuddle. Submitted by Alyssa V.

Muneca the cuddlebug keeping warm on a cold night! Submitted by Johanna S.

Zoey ready to visit the neighbors. Submitted by Betty.

Sawyer celebrates his 6 month birthday! Submitted by Bart K.

SIMON & Dora Ines

Simon & Dora Ines. Submitted by Maria Victoria L.

Cali cuddling with the cat. Submitted by Alyssa V.

My sweet Baxter! Submitted by Veronica M.

Max, Simo, and Luna. Submitted by Maria Victoria L.

Johnny looking pensive in B&W. Submitted by Chris Ushler.

Sunny enjoying a relaxing day at the dog park. Submitted by Kim Gomez.

Gracie watching young Caroline sleep. Submitted by Donna B.

Simon at Villa Victoria, Mesa de Los Santos, Colombia. Submitted by Maria Victoria L.

Muneca as a puppy... too cute for words! Submitted by Johanna S.

Cali being a sweet girl and getting her belly scratched. Submitted by Jason V.

Adele and Kody smile for the camera on a beautiful Spring day! Submitted by Howard P.

Legacy... the myth and the legend himself! Submitted by Jason V.

Legacy and Cali playing in the leaves! Submitted by Jason V.

Cali as a puppy pulling her own with yardwork. Submitted by Jason V.

Skye lives up to her name with her beautiful sky blue eyes! Submitted by Oliver S.

Max at the pool. Submitted by Maria Victoria L.

Did someone order a cute puppy? Submitted by Bart K.